1. Definitions

In these Offer Terms:

Agreement has the meaning given to that term in clause 2.1 of the Terms.

Assumptions and Disclaimer means the document called ‘Assumptions and Disclaimer’ that sets out important information relating to assumptions, savings and other statements about us.

Competitor means an individual, firm, business or company:

That offers goods or services similar or equivalent to the Goods and Services; andIf an individual – that individual is not a relative of yours, be it parent, sibling, uncle, aunt, cousin or otherwise; andIf not an individual – that firm, business or company:is not owned or operated by any individual mentioned in paragraph (b);in relation to its day-to-day activities – is not controlled or determined by any individual mentioned in paragraph (b);does not have employees, contractors or consultants who are any individuals mentioned in paragraph (b); andis not otherwise associated with you in any manner whatsoever.Component in relation to the Goods, means any physical component of the Goods such as an inverter, panels, and, if applicable, heat pumps and/or batteries.  It also includes those components necessary to install the Goods or perform the Services, such as mounting systems, isolators, switches and fuses.

Goods means a Component or any product that is supplied by us or on our behalf.  Goods include our solar systems.

Government Benefit means any incentive, benefit (financial or otherwise), payment, subsidy, rebate, refund or otherwise relating to the purchase of goods equivalent or similar to the Goods and Services.

Travel charges apply for installations beyond the 50km radius but within a 400km radius from the warehouse. Travel charges apply for one direction of travel only.

Address of the Warehouse : Port Pirie St Bibra Lake WA 6163Offer means any offer, benefit, gift, incentive, discount or promotion that we may elect to offer our customers from time to time, whether on our website or by advertisement on television or otherwise.

Offer Terms means this document.

Other Services means the provision of maintenance services, repair and warranty services by us (to the extent permitted by our arrangements with the Manufacturer).

Premises means the land, building, structure or improvement in or upon which the Goods are to be installed by or on behalf of Solar Panels WA.

Quote means a quote:

From a Competitor;Formerly and in writing (and not merely an email confirmation from the third person) that sets out a price for goods and services with the same model number and specifications as our Goods and Services;Valid for 14 days from the date of the quote, or, in the case of television commercial offers, available to you within a 14 day period starting on the date that the applicable television commercial offer is aired; andNot relating to commercial, industrial or trade quantities; andOtherwise, is not a liquidation sale price?

Services mean:

The Installation Services; and/orThe Other Services,Performed by us or on our behalf in connection with the Goods.

STCs means small scale technology certificates as defined in the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 (Cth), as amended or replaced from time to time.

Terms means the terms, which form part of the Agreement for the supply of the Goods and Services to you.

You or your means the person or legal entity identified as the customer in the Order Summary and/or otherwise obtaining the Goods and Services from us.

2. Offers

Our Offers are subject to the following terms and conditions:the terms of the Offer;the following general terms of conditions that apply to all Offers:if an Offer requires you to purchase Goods and/or Services to obtain the benefit of the Offer (for example, a free item or giveaway, you must pay for the Goods and/or Services in full to be eligible for the benefit of that Offer;an Offer is available to new customers only;an Offer may not be used in conjunction with any other Offer, unless specified otherwise in the Offer;an Offer is not transferrable or exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash;our Offers may show pictures or illustrations of Goods (or any Component) that become unavailable during the period of the Offer for some reason, and if this occurs, we may substitute an item or component of equivalent or similar specification to the Component and/or the Goods advertised in the Offer; andwithout limiting clause 1(b)(v), we may vary, update or terminate an Offer at any time by varying, updating it or removing it from the applicable page on our website, Variations, updates or terminations will not affect customers (you) who accepted the Offer prior to the date of the variation, update or termination;these Offer Terms; andthe Agreement.Any defined terms in these Offer Terms have the same meaning as in the Terms, unless the context expressly requires otherwise.These Offer Terms are governed by the laws of the State of Western, Australia. Both Solar Panels WA and you submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the State of Western Australia.If any clause or part of a clause of these Offer Terms is illegal, unenforceable or invalid, that clause or part is to be treated as removed from the Agreement, but the rest of these Offer Terms is not affected.

 3. Prices and Savings

Our prices and savings, whether in relation to any Offer, obtaining an estimate from our website or otherwise:are subject to the Assumptions and Disclaimers;are subject to you and the Premises being located in Australia;are based on installation of the Goods in a Metro Area;assume that you will assign STCs to us and provide the value of any Government Benefit (if applicable) to us; andare generated using specific STC zones based on localised IP addresses.If any of the circumstances set out in clause 1 change (for any reason), the price payable for the Goods and Services may change.Updated October 21st 2016 2.26pm.

4. Cooling off Period

10 working day cooling off periods apply for all applications, payment plans or services, Customers have the right to discuss any associated fees or costs with the ACCC . Solar Panels WA ACN: 616 555 189.

5. Solar Panels WA is expressly excluded from any liability regarding building Covenants, council regulations, strata approvals, historic listing of Buildings or roof structure suitability and integrity, the responsibility of wich lies solely on the owners of the property. Solar Panels WA can attend site and discuss any possible issues or complaints to offer advice or solutions although the costs associated to rectify any issues lies solely with the owner of the property.

6. Solar Inverters may make some very minimal fan noise during high output operation. Solar Panels WA is expressly excluded from any liability regarding noise. Fans are a critical aspect in the cooling system for the inverter. Solar Panels WA can attend site and discuss any possible issues to offer advice or solutions although the costs associated to rectify any issues lies solely with the owner of the property.


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