Solar Calculator

Estimated Electricity Spend has been calculated using average annual kWh consumption in CITY based on 4 people in the household. Individual household usage may vary. (

Solar panel savings is an estimate of the cumulative savings based on 25 year life expectancy of panels and the average per annum output of the system in STATE based on Clean Energy Council Guidelines. This estimate is also based on the following –

80% of kWh output from your system will be consumed by the household or 80% of consumption will take place during the day.

20% of kWh output from the system will be fed back into the grid.

Based on a Feed-in-Tariff of 8c/kW

Based on average annual consumption remaining the same.

Annual system efficiency degradation of 1% per annum.


Rooftop solar power is making coal obsolete in Australia

System Performance Estimate

The estimated average daily output of solar systems are based on a combination of Kilowatt hours (kWh) per day recommended by Clean Energy Council’s Guidelines. This may vary depending on the pitch and orientation of the panels when deviated from true north at an inclination of 20-30 degrees.



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